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Features of the DÉCT 

The Electronic Dictionary of Chrétien de Troyes (DÉCT) comprises both a complete lexicon of the 12th-century author's works and a textual database. Users have the choice of consulting the complete texts or searching the transcriptions of the five romances (Érec, Cligès, Lancelot or the Chevalier à la Charrette, Yvain or the Chevalier au Lion, Perceval or the Conte du Graal).

The DÉCT is the result of the collaborative effort of a group of researchers: Pierre Kunstmann (Laboratoire de Français Ancien, University of Ottawa) directs the project and drafts the entries, Hiltrud Gerner (ATILF, CNRS Université de Lorraine) and May Plouzeau (Université de Provence) review the entries, and Ineke Hardy (LFA, University of Ottawa) corrects the English version. Gilles Souvay (ATILF, CNRS & Université de Lorraine) is responsible for the IT development.

Without being a "wiki" type dictionary, open to any authorized writer, the DÉCT is nevertheless intended as a collective enterprise, welcoming users' suggestions and appreciating the contributions of members of the scientific community. For comments on presentation or content, write to us at dect@atilf.fr. You will receive an answer by return e-mail and may be sure that we will take your observations into consideration for our next update.

December 2014 

Update 5 transcriptions, textual database and lexicon.

Add bibliography

Reference to FEW linked to Lecteur FEW.

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This resource is produced by LFA and distributed by ATILF for educational and research purposes only, excluding any commercial use. Users may quote portions of this resource in a scientific publication provided they include the following reference: "DÉCT : Dictionnaire Électronique de Chrétien de Troyes, http://www.atilf.fr/dect, LFA/Université d'Ottawa - ATILF/CNRS & Université de Lorraine".